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how does magos media fit your model? easy…

Start with background music that is perfect for you. Whether you need retail music, hotel music, restaurant music, or casino music – Magos Media will give you a bespoke, tailor made music solution that is paerfectly mixed to match your target market. It is also 100% legal and fully licensed with RISA and CAPASSO – so there won’t be any surprises or fines for playing those ripped downloads. Now you want day parting and mood management – that’s what we do better that anybody out there.

Next, maybe you want to some in-store messaging. We’ll give you a branded in-store radio station, with fresh DJ links from some of the hottest voice talent around, to ensure your product lines are pushed and the right ambience is created.

Let’s add another layer – Digital Signage. We will connect to your screens and in-store displays to highlight your product lines and brand positioning to your customers. Maybe you want a digital menu board, or digital screens and signage that talk to your customer’s needs – meaning that you can upsell your product line to them? No problem.

All of this needs content though, right? Well, we are content creators. We will use our state of the art recording studio to get your audio recorded – bring your own talent or ask about our Legends. Our in-house 2D and 3D animation team will create all of your motion graphics and screen content; taking care of all your graphic design, illustration and animation needs.

Ok, so you understand that we make all your content for you, but how does it get to you? Who is going to be the guy getting it on your audio system and screens? We will. Remotely. That is because we have crafted Content Management Systems that are reliable and provide near perfect up time. Want a change or a reschedule? Phone us, it’s that easy.

Things are getting really exciting, and you want to maximise on your experiential marketing. So you need an Emcee -we have the best. Our Promotion Jockeys are the superb activation specialists. Our presenters get the crowd warmed up and receptive.

Next you want to go online, after all digital marketing and social media management are essential these days – we will get hands on with your web design and management to ensure that there is synergy between your website and social media streams. Your SEO management will be getting you high ranking results, and your social media presence will increase with real, organic customer interaction.

So now things are booming, your brand is a market participant, and you want to go even bigger. Well we’ll get your radio and TV advertising on track. Remember our voice recording studios we were talking about? Well they are equipped with high end audio visual editing suites, making sure all your AV production is slick and effective. We’ll even conceptualise and copyright your positioning.

Now that’s brand experience. It’s marketing that is so much more than just media.


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