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magos media offers brand experience – marketing that is so much more than just media. from background music, to in-store radio, digital signage, design, animation, recording facilities, emcees, voice talent, digital marketing, social media management and radio and tv advertisements.

we offer background music perfectly tailored to you – including retail, hotel, restaurant and casino music. Magos Media will give you a bespoke, tailor-made music solution that is perfectly mixed to match your target market and add atmosphere to your space. we are fully licensed with RISA and CAPASSO. magos media also specializes in branded in-store radio stations that include DJ links from some of the best voice talent in sa, all this to ensure your product lines are pushed and the right ambience is created.

magos media have mastered content creation; specializing in digital signage which includes connecting to screens and in-store displays that highlight product lines and positions your brand seamlessly to customers. these screens are tailor-made to talk to your customers’ needs – such as a digital menu display or new company offerings – this will allow you to upsell your product line directly to customers. magos media’s design team will create your motion graphics and screen content, taking care of illustrations, 2D and 3D animations as well as any graphic design needs. magos media carefully takes care of these screens remotely by utilizing reliable, crafted content management systems that provide near perfect uptime. Visit our state-of-the-art recording studios to record your audio content – you can bring your own talent or go through our sister company, legends actors and performers management, and pick from some of the best voice talent sa can offer.

you are spoilt for choice when it comes to emcees as promotion jockeys, another sister company, deals with only the finest activation specialists.

magos media have extensive expertise in digital marketing and social media management. move your organisation online by allowing us to handle your web design and management, SEO management, and organic and hands-on social media management.

go further with your marketing by allowing us to handle radio and tv advertisements for your brand. we will utilize our recording studios equipped with high-end audio-visual editing suites to streamline and effectively create your av production. magos media also assists with conceptualising and copyrighting your brand’s positioning.


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magos media, along with our studios, are completely covid compliant and follow strict protocol in order to keep employees and clients safe