virtual conference suite

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virtual conference suite

our completely scalable virtual conference suite is perfect for anything from a one-on-one call, to a webinar event with an audience of thousands.

the venue can be tailored to suit:

  • digital conferences
  • talks
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • online training
  • live music performances
speaker with m screens - circles
Circles -feedback screens

the magos media virtual conference suite is a secure video conference facility that provides all the functionality you would expect. the space is fully compatible with powerpoint and keynote, and provides full audio and video sharing. it is scalable and customizable, and can host multiple virtual meeting rooms simultaneously.

we boast seamless integration of vc software, meaning that your audience can plug into your seminar on the software they choose – be it zoom, skype, teams, or others, – at the same time.

housed in a state-of-the-art sound studio, the magos media virtual conference suite provides a concierge service, taking care of you from start to finish, and even provides options that include catering.

our vc suite has been tailor made to the highest standards, and incorporates multiple cameras, microphones, and presentation and feedback screens.

the vc suite is powered by bespoke software that allows for breakout rooms, note taking, chats and virtual exhibit halls.

the magos media virtual conference suite is a turnkey solution – we offer high bandwidth, tech support, and ease of access. it comes with all of the benefits of an auditorium, with none of the overheads.

connect to a world of new audiences, and lose all of the travel time.

executive booth

need a more intimate setting that speaks to the c-suite executive? our executive booth is perfect for execs who need a comfortable, yet private space to conduct, or plug into a board meeting, or even host a high level presentation.