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Virtual Expo Lab (VExpoLab)has rebooted conferences with immersive 3Dtechnology.

· 3d expos allow you to cater to an audience beyond just the geographic location of your expo as well as opening up online shopping to your audience ·

We create a world for you to navigate

Has your expo been watered down to merely an elaborate video call? Are your results dwindling because your consumer has been made a passive viewer instead of an interested and interactive attendee?

Using Metaverse technology, we do a top-down recreation of an expo hall, in which attendees can roam with either a first-person or third-person viewpoint. In other words, this is a carbon copy of an expo hall, expo stands and conferences that users can walk through with a first-person POV or a walking avatar of themselves.

Expo stands with virtual products

Attendees can interact with stands that are replications of real-world expo stands, allowing them to browse virtual products and demonstrations. Users can even purchase products on the stands in a 3D eCommerce experience.

Expos are no longer limited by geography

Imagine doing a like-for-like replication of a real-world expo. While your audience can choose to visit the expo hall in person, you can open up a replicated virtual expo hall to the entire world. The scalability of your expo audience is limitless.

Speakers that engage the entire floor

Your speakers can now speak to the entire audience in your virtual expo while they browse virtual supplier stands. User types can be ring-fenced to specific seminars, or stand owners can broadcast their own content on their virtual stand.

Double your potential audience

Don’t let distance ever be a reason you can’t connect with customers–host your expo in the cloud with Magos Media.

The possibilities are endless-let your imagination flow and ask us about further capabilities such as creating your brick and mortar store as a 3D website.

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