promotion jockeys
presenters, live hosts and emcees

professional. polished. performance.

we supply you with highly professional, charismatic and world-class, live presenters, emcees, brand ambassadors and all-round entertainers, who effortlessly create brand-hype and pull off a variety of promotions, functions, and events.

pairing professional performance with charisma and charm, in a class of their own. fulfilling a multitude of roles, from Emcee to Entertainer, these seasoned performers are able to package your brand, building awareness, creating hype, and taking your promotion, event or function from ordinary to incredible.

promotion jockeys

the promotion jockey is our founding execution. you have a concept, and an audience, but the two need an entertainer to be married. For more than three decades, our promotion jockeys have ensured that your promotions, events and happenings are excellently communicated. it’s not any mugs  game, it takes an intelligent entertainer to grab a mic and focus your product on the mind of an audience.

brand activations

audiences are our space. we can bring them together, and give them something to remember. we can take your product offering and make it front-of-mind to your potential clientele. crossing the communication barrier in style, while having fun, and maintaining the highest respect and dignity for your product is second nature to us. execution of concept. it’s what we do.

presenters and emcees

your hours of hard work putting together your function needs to be given the finishing touch it deserves. our emcees are the final point of departure for your running-order. the emcee provides the glue and the structure to your baby.


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