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If you’re looking to audibly enhance your establishment, look no further than Magos Media. When it comes to in-house, branded, or corporate radio stations, we hold the key to unlocking an unparalleled service around media messaging and mood music. From DJs and music scheduling services to commercial compilations, we are able to create and manage your platform from conception to fruition. Give your brand a voice that resonates with patrons, personnel, and the public.

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Your brand has a sound. it’s our task to match your product offering to the music that should accompany your client’s experience of your product. We can match any genre, of any era to what enhances your mood. Best of all, we manage it from top to tail–meaning that all you and your clientele need to do, is enjoy.

When it comes to mood music, we at Magos Media, service the retail, entertainment and hospitality industries with background music content solutions. With an international footprint, we are able to connect brands to their consumers, by setting the desired tone in their spaces. Hearing is connecting and we are proud to connect an array of esteemed establishments throughout South Africa, Africa, South America as well as The Middle East.

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