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in-store media
From creation to management, we’ll give your content the edge it’s supposed to have.
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conceptual agency
It’s not just a concept, it’s a visceral invention. Between your product offering and your market, is a connection.
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live communication specialists
You have a concept, and an audience, but the two need an entertainer to be married.
digital marketing
From creation to management, we’ll give your content the edge it’s supposed to have.
recording studios
Give your brand a voice that resonates with patrons, personnel and the public
disruptive tech
We proudly embrace technology, and we ebb and flow with technological developments to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
our studios

Our studio layout guarantees flexibility, as we can accommodate small intimate recordings as well as larger gathering-of-the -execs styled sessions.  Fully digital and Source Connect enabled, with a no-expense-spared approach, and staffed by exceptional talent – this is what studios are supposed to be.

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our work process

We listen. Your business requires a solution that is customised and thought driven. We interrogate your need, and create a bespoke, cutting edge solution. Our job is to bring your audience closer to your brand, creating an environment based on an experience for your customer.

Listen to your needs

Create a framework

Deliver a bespoke solution

what our clients say
Gareth Kaschula
Gold Reef City
Marketing Manager

I have developed a great partnership with Magos Media, having worked with them for more than fifteen years.

Their knowledge, understanding and dedicated approach to our business has made it easy for me to give my highest recommendation.

Tania Malan
African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel
General Manager

Dearest Petro,
If I had a rand for the amount of times your music put a smile to my face I would be a rich woman, you have absolutely saved my life, my business, my mood, my everything. Thank you for this amazing partnership.
I told Hareal from Soul Candy that we partnered up and his words were – Magos Media, the best in the Business!

Hugo Andre Rabie
Piza E Vino
General Manager

My customers compliment us on a daily basis with regards to the vibe and music that we play. So thank you and keep it up.

General Manager

We have been running the Mitsubishi win a car competition… We then decided to advertise on Airports Radio. We have been running on air for the past two weeks. From week 6 to week 7 of the competition (23rd Jan 2011- 03 Feb 2012). We have in these two weeks experienced a dramatic increase in entries to over 1400 entries for each week consecutively.
We would like to commend you on your efforts. Thanks a million.


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9-11 September 2018


 Century City Conference Centre

Cape Town

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